BLC Advertising Rules for Charity Support 2013

Registered charities have always had special conditions when advertising with the BLC, but over the years various adjustments here and there were made to try to be more flexible and we decided it was finally time to overhaul the entire system and start again from fresh. The committee have now launched a new set of rules for charity organisations based on a credit system that is fair for everyone, easy to follow and also flexible for the individual charities who receive our support. These new rules come into effect as of September 2013.

Charities will be allocated 15 credits per year.
Each credit equates to a quarter page. The advertising year is from September to July. Any credits not used up in the year will NOT be carried over.

Credits can be used as and when needed up to a maximum of 4 credits per newsletter. A charity can use up the entire year’s worth of credits in 4 or 5 newsletters, not necessarily consecutive months, or perhaps he may want a quarter page each month and 4 times per year this can be increased to half pages for free. etc.
Credits may be combined with paid advertising
The credits can be combined with paid advertising space, giving a larger advert the difference being charged at the usual rate.

Reviews and articles
The editor is happy to receive reviews or press releases from charities which have a credit arrangement with us. If appropriate, these may be used as information articles in the newsletter but the editor reserves the right to decide whether articles are to be used. Such articles are not part of the advertising credit quota.

Charities must apply for their annual advertising credits via a form, quoting their registered charity number, registered address and providing a contact name and telephone number. Please contact the advertising manager to receive the form.
Charities may still apply for credits after the start of the advertising year.
The number of credits will be proportionate to the number of months remaining at the time of application.

Charities must provide their own advertising materials / text
The editor will only insert what is received. If time permits then we may be able to assist in presenting advertising text but this cannot be guaranteed. Sizes, page orientation and file formats are listed in the back of the newsletter each month.

If you have any questions then please contact the advertising manager for more information.

Charities must submit their adverts before the 10th of the month preceding the issue in which the advert is to appear.

Charities must confirm their advert each month to the advertising manager otherwise it will not be included.

If you have any further questions or you wish to receive a form to apply for charity advertising, then please contact Advertising Manager on