Area Map

The Club is divided into 5 geographical areas primarily to enable women, when they first join the Club, to meet others who live nearby.

Each area has one or two sometimes even three Area Representatives (Area Reps). When you initially join the BLC probably the first person you will meet or hear from will be your Area Rep, who will live quite nearby to you, and will be able to introduce you to other women also living nearby.  She will also be able to help out with any queries you may have if you are new to the country.  Area Reps also organise social events locally which include for example, coffee mornings, potluck lunches, bowling evenings, walks in the woods, beer/wine tasting, trips out to restaurants and the cinema.  Area events are also open to members from other areas.  So if you feel like going to an event that appeals to you but is out of your “area” you are more than welcome!

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Beggen, Belair, Bonnevoie, Cents, Cessange, City, Dommeldange, Gasperich, Hollerich, Kirchberg, Limpertsberg, Luxembourg, Merl, Muhlenbach, Rollingergrund

North Eastemail:
Bastendorf, Bettendorf, Bissen, Diekirch, Echternach, Grevenmacher, Junglinster, Kehlen, Koerich, Kopstal, Larochette, Oberanven, Senningerberg, Vianden, Waldbillig, Walferdange, Germany – Bollendorf, Kommlingen, Konz

North Westemail:
Beckerich, Bettborn, Boevange-sur-Attert, Boulaide, Bourscheid, Clervaux, Colmar-Berg, Flaxweiler, Heiderscheid, Helmdange, Helmsange, Redange-sur-Attert, Saeul, Steinfort, Steinsel, Troisvierges, Wiltz, Belgium – Arlon, France – Longwy

South Eastemail:
Bous, Contern, Hesperange, Mondorf, Remerschen, Remich, Schuttrange, Senningerberg, Germany – Mettlach

South Westemail:
Bertrange, Bettembourg, Clemency, Leudelange, Mamer, Strassen, France – Thionville, Fleury