Freewheelers – Panorama Bar

13 September 2022 @ 14:30
Panorama Bar
80 rte de Longwy - City Concorde
8060 Bartringen
Chris Mitchell
Freewheelers - Panorama Bar @ Panorama Bar

After a long hiatus, the Freewheelers group had an in person meet up. 10 ladies and 2 visitors met up for a cuppa on Tuesday 12 October at the Panorama bar at Concorde. We had to be 4 at a table, but everyone enjoyed the afternoon.

If you would like to join us for our next coffee, we meet every second Tuesday of the month in the Panorama Bar in City Concorde at 14.30. All are welcome.

We would like to thank Pauline Lloyd for keeping this group going before COVID, as well as being Area Rep. Thank you for your hard work and we wish you all the best and hope to see you as a participant at the events in the future.

Christine Mitchell has very kindly stepped in to start these meetings up again for which we are very grateful.

However, if anyone in the group would like to organise other events or outings throughout the year, they are more than welcome. Know of a good museum exhibition, lunchtime concert, walk, or want to check out a new restaurant, then why don’t you see if the group would like to come along?

If anybody would prefer going somewhere else please do not hesitate to let us know – your input counts.

Please come and join us for a chat with friends old and new.

As usual, if anybody has any ideas for any outings, please let us know. It is good to have your feedback, and perhaps go somewhere different that you might fancy.

Could you please send any suggestions or requests to attend events to us both.

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