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The BLC cannot accept responsibility for the quality of goods or service advertised here.
Please note, people offering services as baby-sitters must be 16 years old or older.

Regardless of which type of advert you want, if you pay for a minimum of 3 months in our newsletter then your advert will be placed online as a sticky post for FREE for the same duration it will also be included in our monthly digital newsletter.

Advertising in Newsletter Only: rates and dimensions for both members and non-members.  Please note we do not print adverts in colour!

Advert SizeMonthly RateAnnual Rate*

Dimensions at 300dpi
width x height
1/4 page€19.00€190.0064mm x 93mmPortrait
1/2 page€27.00€270.00129mm x 93mmLandscape
Full page€45.00€450.00129mm x 189mmPortrait
* Annual rate includes 11 issues for the price of 10. All adverts are payable in advance.


Classified Ads for the newsletter: rates and dimensions

up to 80 words
no artwork or photographs printed
Rate: FREE
a charge of €8.00 per additional 80 words will apply
Rate: €10.00
per month


Advertising online: all paid online adverts are shown as a sticky post and included in our monthly digital newsletter to advertise online you must have a contact name and a valid email address

includes artwork and or photographs up to 1024x1024 pixels
Rate: FREE
Duration: Valid up to 12 months
How Many: Unlimited
Rate: €20.00
for 3 months
per month
only on Mondays and per event
Rate: €10Rate: €15


For more information and submissions please contact

We accept the following file formats: TIFF, EPS, PSD, SVG, PNG, PDF, JPG and DOC text only adverts (but not DOCX please). 

All payments to be paid into the bank account shown:
Bank: BCEE
Account Name: BLCL
BIC code: BCEELULL  IBAN: LU94 0019 2855 9483 4000

Charities please read our BLC Advertising Rules for Charity Support 2013.