Women’s Interest


ARA City Book-club
A complimentary English-speaking monthly book-club, meet friends, discuss good reads over a glass of wine once a month at Culturando. For more information please join ARA City Bookworms Facebook page.

National Women’s Register
A group of women who meet informally once a month to discuss interesting topics, both lighthearted and serious.  Contact Anthea McDonald Tel: 435 108

The NETWORK: Inclusive, Informative, Interesting, Fun
The first professional women’s network in Luxembourg, the NETWORK was founded in 1991. It aims to empower professional women and leverage development opportunities for women of all nationalities within the Greater Region. With more than 100 individual as well as corporate members, the NETWORK connects women of over 30 different nationalities across 15 professional sectors. The NETWORK provides a platform for networking, support and fun, and serves as a resource for personal and professional development. For further information please visit: http://www.thenetwork.lu