About Us


We are a non-profit organisation (ASBL) who raises money for various good causes.  Each year we decide on two charities usually one from Great Britain and another one from Luxembourg.  We raise money from our membership fees, advertisers, various events and activities held throughout the year as well as our famous Car Boot Sale held usually in May.  Please see our Marketing & PR page for more details on our work in and around Luxembourg, as well as  how the BLC started.

If you would like to suggest a charity please click here.

Only the current year of charities is shown here.  If you wish to see other years check out our Archives.

Total monies donated for 2022-2023 €00  See below for the charities who we donated to:

 Nurture the Borders, Scotland – for more information click here. A short  video of testimonials
Monies donated :

Refugee Youth Support & Empowerment, Luxembourg
Monies donated :

Ville de Luxembourg Social Fund, Luxembourg
Monies donated : €0

MacMillan, UK
Monies donated :


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