Newcomers’ Event


clip kablam-welcomeIf you’re new to Luxembourg and/or the BLC, why not join us for a social event? You can meet new and old members alike and find out more about what the BLC has to offer!  Children welcome.

Contact: Joanne on for more details.

Join Us on
When: Thursday July 16th at 12:00pm
Where: Pescatore Park by the Dead Tree

We are going on a picnic!!

In keeping with social distancing, we are heading out doors.

This event is open to all members.

Please RSVP to Jo Roberts by Friday June 10th at


Surprise! An August Newcomers’ Event for those members staying in Luxembourg

Join Us on
When: Thursday 20th August at
Where: Porta Nova – 14 Avenue de la Faiencerie, 1510 Luxembourg

Please register with Jo Roberts by Monday August 17th at

All members are welcome

Any questions? Joanne would be happy to hear from you. Just email:

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