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How much does it cost to advertise?

Advertising in Newsletter Only: rates and dimensions for both members and non-members.  Please note we do not print adverts in colour!

Advert SizeMonthly RateAnnual Rate*

Dimensions at 300dpi
width x height
1/4 page€14.00€140.0064mm x 93mm Portrait
1/2 page€22.00€220.00129mm x 93mmLandscape
Full page€40.00€400.00129mm x 189mmPortrait
* Annual rate includes 11 issues for the price of 10. All adverts are payable in advance.


Classified Ads for the newsletter: rates and dimensions

up to 80 words
no artwork or photographs printed
Rate: FREE
a charge of €8.00 per additional 80 words will apply
Rate: €10.00
per month


Advertising online: all paid online adverts are shown as a sticky post and included in our monthly digital newsletter to advertise online you must have a contact name and a valid email address

includes artwork and or photographs up to 1024x1024 pixels
Rate: FREE
Duration: Valid up to 12 months
How Many: Unlimited
Rate: €20.00
for 3 months
per month

When is the advertising deadline?

All final advertising material and payments must reach us by the 10th of each month to appear in the following month’s newsletter.


Night at the Races

BLC Event – November 2018

What about COVID-19 virus?

With the continuing restrictions on meeting up the club is still holding all events online and supporting the government in their request to keep social mixing to a minimum. This effects the cocktail night, newcomers, coffee morning meet ups, area dinners, and Toddle Waddle. We have also decided to postpone the hiking group meet ups for the present. Please do email us for more details at or kids@blc.luto find out what’s on and how to get your Zoom link!

I thank you all for your understanding and continued support of the club at this difficult time. If any of you need any help with shopping, dog walking etc… if you are having to isolate, please do reach out to the committee and we will do our best to support you in any way possible. Please stay safe, wear your masks, keep washing those hands and hopefully we will all be able to meet for a good chat and catch up in the not too distant future.

Victoria and the Committee


How can I find my membership number?

If you opted to be a published member you can find your membership number in the Membership Directory search for your name and view your profile.

Alternatively, you can contact the Membership secretary by emailing


How much does it cost to join the BLC?
Full MembershipDigital Membership
Newsletter (by post)-----
BLC E-mailing
You can edit your subscription and or opt out of this at any time
Link to subscription management page is only available to mailing lists subscribers.
- Children's Email Group
- Digital Newsletter
- Renewal Reminders
- Event Reminders & General Information

- Children's Email Group
- Digital Newsletter
- Renewal Reminders
- Event Reminders & General Information

Access to members only section on websiteAccess to members only section on website
Join our closed Facebook pageJoin our closed Facebook page
Free classified adverts; either printed in our monthly newsletter and or displayed on the BLC website
Free classified adverts; either printed in our monthly newsletter and or displayed on the BLC website
For more details on member benefits click hereFor more details on member benefits click here
Annual Fees due on the 1st June:
Renewing and New Members
Discount Fees join between January and May: New Members Only€20€20

Useful Contacts


British Airways 0800 2000


Luxair 4798 4242
Arrivals / Departures 4798 5050



Utopolis 429 595

Utopia 224 611

Recorded info 472 109

Luxweb Today

Directory Enquires

Local 118 17
International 118 16
Editus – Luxembourg


British Embassy 229864 / 65 / 66
5 Boulevard Joseph II
L-1840 Luxembourg

English-Speaking Churches

Anglican Chaplaincy
Rev Chris Lyon 439 593

Catholic Church
Father Ed Hone 2620 0256

Christian Community Church
Rev T. Heijermans 369 583

Church of God
Pastor Graham Kettle 812 386

All Nations Church
Pastor Paul McMinimy 3633 2138

Public Transport

Electricity (Enovos) 4455 881

P & T Luxembourg 1242-0

BPM 00352 269 465-1

TV Schedules

Union des Consommateurs 496 022-1

Support Groups


I have deleted my digital email

If you have deleted either the Digital Newsletter, Event Reminders & Information, Renewal Reminder and or Children’s Email Group you can read them in Archived Digital Newsletters.


Manage my digital emails

You can edit your subscription for your digital email notices at any time on the BLC website.

Go to Welcome to the BLC page and sign in.  On the home page scroll down to the bottom and click Manage your Subscription.  You will see your Statuseither subscribed or unsubscribed.  If you select unsubscribed then you will be removed from all the lists or if you want to remove or add yourself to a particular list just tick/untick according to the ones you want.  Equally, if you are currently unsubscribed and wish to receive either all or a particular list then you can re-subscribe and select which one/s you want.

The lists that you choose from are:

  1. Children’s Email Group
  2. Digital Newsletter
  3. Event Reminder & Information
  4. Renewal Reminder