The 2018 Car Boot Sale


British Ambassador John Marshall and Madame Isabel Wiseler-Lima of the CSV party and Alderman for Luxembourg City for the following departments: Social Help, Seniors, Apartment Building, Equality between Men and Women, Integrationpolitics, Youth


Our 25th car boot sale. Can you believe it? Considering the recent weather conditions, I was overjoyed when the day dawned dry and slightly misty. By the time I arrived at our new venue, at 6am, the sun was shining brightly. The banners were quickly installed between the trees announcing to all our booters our new site.

Booters and buyers were soon queuing to enter our area, keeping the parking team on their toes. The Oasis Church soon filled the area with the smell of their famous bacon sandwiches and hungry booters were soon happily munching.

Business was constant throughout the day with customers arriving on the Routemaster shuttle bus, which had been especially organised for our 25th CBS. One lady had overshopped, so went home with her bags of treasures before returning for another shopping session!¬† Now that’s dedication to retail therapy!

Mme Wiseler, the alderman in charge of integration and equality, accompanied by the British ambassador, John Marshall, visited during the afternoon and even managed a little shopping among the stalls. She was most impressed with the unparalleled integration our car boot sale provided and created. At the end of a busy day, the site was returned to its original clean and empty state. A car seat dumped in the hedgerow was my only sadness! I have since cleaned it totally and will recycle it shortly.

My thanks go to EVERYONE who helped with today whether it was parking, hanging bunting, creating the supersized banners or just supporting us with this annual event, which takes nearly a year to organise.

I have made many friends and acquaintances who have faithfully supported this event over the years. Sadly, after 18 years of organising the CBS I have decided to hang up my tape and jacket and hopefully pass the baton on to someone who is as enthusiastic as I am in helping our truly international community.

Report by Sue Sanderson