Car Boot 2016

The BLC Car Boot Sale day on Saturday, June 18th, may have dawned damp and overcast, but it didn’t stop over 170 people turning up with carloads of treasures to sell to new owners. People came from far and wide, including someone as far away as Brussels! It seems distance, or indeed building work on the new tram system, doesn’t get in the way of this annual tradition.

The rain made gazebos much sought after by customers, while giant sheets of plastic protected other stands. People were cheerful on the whole showing both resilience and ingenuity, and offers of help were much in evidence throughout the sale. In fact, when I left the site it was spotless! Just as the Ville requested. So, well done to us all!

Although I heard a comment that not many members were there, all those who applied were accommodated.

This event relies on my team of parking volunteers, who did a fantastic job yet again. This year the role was made even more complex as there were over 40 cars illegally parked within our designated area. But the volunteers expertly worked around the problem and had everyone parked up and ready to sell within the hour. Latecomers were also found spots without disrupting the sale, which was already in full swing.

Enid and I organise and run this event voluntarily whilst leading very busy lives. I would also like to thank my daughter who gives up her computer during this period of madness and, without which, I couldn’t do my side of things.

The request for next year is with the Ville already. The date is set by them whilst trying to accommodate all other requests, and I take my hat off to them for all their hard work. Hope to see you all next year!

Susan Sanderson,

Car Boot Sale organiser