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Welcome to the 2019 Luxembourg International Comedy Festival!
The festival welcomes professional stand-up comedians from around the world such as Stephen Carlin (Scotland), Trista Mrema (USA), Edo Berger (Holland), Els Vertongen (Belgium) and Sharon Mealy (Ireland), as well as local talents and rising stars of comedy living in Luxembourg! All shows are in English and take place at Marionnette, 15 rue de Strasbourg.

For more information and all tickets are available via: tinyurl.com/luxfest2019

Hutt Dir loscht Lëtzebuergesch ze schwätzen? If you’re keen to improve your spoken Luxembourgish but struggle to find opportunities for putting what you know into practice – the locals are sometimes too quick to switch to another mutually comprehensible language as soon as you utter a few words in Luxembourgish – maybe you’d like to try out one of the increasing number of “Sproochecafé”.

The format varies a bit from place to place but basically consists of sitting in small informal groups with a native speaker and chatting about whatever comes to mind – the weather, holidays etc…all the usual conversational topics. You do need to be able to understand and speak a little bit of Luxembourgish to start with, but the level of ability varies widely from just past beginner to relatively proficient, so whatever stage you’re at you’ll fit in. The groups organised by local communes usually offer snacks and free drinks, which is nice and also helps the conversation flow more freely!

You don’t have to sign up and there’s no obligation to stay for the whole period of the Language Café or to attend every month – you are free to drop in and drop out as it suits you! The ones detailed here, as it happens, all meet on different days of the month so theoretically if you’re very keen and have the time you could go to a different café every week! Here are the details and maybe see you there some time!

Café Zeutzius: at 71 route de Treves, Cents: 1st and 3rd Wednesday in the month – from 6pm to 9pm – the next get-together is on 5th September.

Sproochecafé – Walferdange: in the Centre Princesse Amélie (Place de la Mairie) in Walferdange: 2nd Wednesday in the month – from 7pm to 9pm.


Oekosoph: 6 rue Vauban, Clausen: last Wednesday in the month – from 7pm to 9pm. www.meco.lu/fr/blog/documentcenter/sproochecafe-am-oekosoph/

Café de Babel: Centre culturel Paul Barblé, rue des Romains, L-8041 Strassen: last Monday in the month – from 7pm to 9pm – this groups provides for conversation in a number of languages. www.strassen.lu/online/www/function/homepage/FRE/index.html

Sproochecafe – Niederanven: Centre Polyvalent “A Schommesch”, 18 rue d’Ernster, Oberanven: last Thursday in the month – from 7pm to 9pm. www.niederanven.lu/en

If you want any more information feel free to contact me: Moira Hogg – Tel. 691 43 39 13 mhogg@pt.lu.

Fondation Partage Luxembourg, previously named Fondation Bridderlech Deelen (www.partage.lu).  A non-governmental organization for development cooperation, Bridderlech
Deelen was founded in 1966 to express the solidarity of the citizens living in Luxembourg with the people in distress throughout the world, without distinction of race, culture or religion.

In 2016, Bridderlech Deelen celebrated its 50th anniversary alongside its partner-organizations from Africa, Latin America and Asia, visiting Luxembourg on the occasion of the festivities. Using the opportunity of this Jubilee, the Foundation changed its name and its logo and is now called: partage.lu (Fondation Partage Luxembourg).

We support development projects in Africa, Latin America and Asia, mainly in the following fields: education, food security, family farming and agro-ecology as well as defense of human rights, especially the rights of indigenous people (in Brazil, for example) and women (in India, for example), and fighting against poverty through income-generating activities.

The National Library is currently showing an exhibition of books about the British Empire in display cases throughout the building. Please see: www.bnl.public.lu/fr/actualites/articles-actualite/2016/08/vitrines/index.html for a complete bibliography. Tours are also available.

Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday 10am – 7pm, Saturday 9am – 12 noon.
Address : Bibliothèque Nationale de Luxembourg
37, bvd F. D. Roosevelt
L-2450 Luxembourg

„Gladdermailchen“ an e Baking Book

An e Baking book without the need calculate and weigh, you work only with 4 different sized and coloured cups. The recipes are explained by pictures as well as with short sentences for those who are able to read. It’s written in 3 different languages: French, English and Spanish or Luxembourgish, German and French. (The measuring cups come along with the book). This book is for children, teenager, adults, for schools, but also for children and people with special needs. The price of the Book is 32€.  The persons who are interested can write an e-mail on gladdermailchen@gmail.com than I can fix a date and hour to pick the book.

Luxembourg Battles

I have three books about Luxembourg available on Amazon as e-books and print on demand:

Victims Nonetheless: The Invasion of Luxembourg, 1914.
Luxembourgers in World War One: An Inventory
Walking the Frontiers

The first covers the events before and after the start of World War One. It has already been the subject of a BBC documentary in the Michael Portillo series, “Railways of World War One”, and will shortly be the subject of a second documentary to be broadcast on the ‘Yesterday’ channel in the ‘Extreme Railways’ series.

The second book is a detailed inventory, including biographies, of every Luxembourg who served in any army, Belgian, French, British, Canadian, Italian, German and US, during the war. Wherever available details of burials are given with citations, medals awarded, etc.
In the case of the US army, draft registration card details are given even for those men who do not appear to have actually served in the army. Once again, burial details are given wherever possible whether they died during or after the war.
Also given are details of Luxembourgers executed during the war, civilians arrested, and so on.
This is the first book to cover this important subject.

The third book covers the walking around the whole of Luxembourg by a group of intrepid British men in 1980 to 1982. This is the first time this has been done, and the first book to cover this amazing feat.

David Heal



You are very welcome to discover the Roscheider Hof, a cultural history museum of the rural communities in north-western Rhineland-Palatinate and the neighbouring areas of Lotharingia (France) and Luxembourg. Our museum is situated in Konz on the rivers Mosel and Saar and at a distance of approximately 8 kilometres from the city centre of Trier. For more details see www.roscheiderhof.de

Luxembourg on Horseback

Are you a keen horserider? The Luxembourg Federation of Equestrian Sports (FLSE) now offers daily riding trips of various distances through some of most scenic parts of Luxembourg.

Luxemburg zu Pferd or “Luxembourg on Horseback” currently has routes through the Moselle, Mullerthal and western parts of Luxembourg, and on their website enthusiasts can download precise GPS tracks, restaurant recommendations en route and accommodation for horse and rider as destinations and starting points for your trip.

See their website at www.flse.lu or email info@flse.lu for more details.

City Promenade

Did you know that guided walks (2 hours, 4km) are offered by the tourism office everyday? Take in the best Luxembourg City has to offer as you pass through the city centre, old town, and fortifications. Join a guided tour (fees apply) or pick up a leaflet from the tourist information centre and enjoy!  Everyday 2pm www.lcto.lu/en/place/regulartours/city-promenade-66